Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot!

Last week I was able to go to the Flower and Garden festival at Disney! It was truly beautiful so I want to share some of my pictures

In London they had a Peter Pan and Captain Hook topiary. Being a huge Peter Pan fan I really loved seeing these two. They also had a Tinkerbelle that was in a fairy garden.

After seeing our friends from Neverland we got to go see our friends from the Hundred Acre Wood.

I was very impressed with how they did the balloon for Winnie the Pooh. After that I went and got a Frozen Violet Lemonade, which was very aesthetically pleasing and tasty. I highly recommend getting it!

In these next pictures you can see a part of future World and the flowers around the lake. The floating flowers in the lake were amazing!

(I’ve had a couple people asking, so if anyone wants to know I got my dress at Forever 21.) You can see all the vibrant colors across the lake and it is stunning. I really loved the last picture and how you can see the clouds reflecting off the lake.

For dinner we went to the Steakhouse in Canada. I got the three cheese macaroni and cheese. It was very delicious and again I highly recommend it!

We were able to see Smash Mouth perform in the America pavilion. It was a great concert and a nice surprise, since we did not know they were performing.placeholder://

Sadly I did not remember to take pictures of everything I saw but here’s a beautiful sunset on the lake and some flowers on a tree, which I found very interesting.

Finally before leaving we saw Donald Duck and his friends!

Overall the Flower and Garden festival was amazing! It was incredibly beautiful and you could really feel the Disney Magic. I definitely recommend going!


What Is Respect?

R-e-s-p-e-c-t find out what it means to me! In society we always talk about respect and how we have to show respect to everyone, but what is respect? Personally I think it depends on a person and their beliefs. Some people are raised to respect your elders, some are raised to respect everyone, and others have never heard of the word.

As a teenager, I would say we get looked down on, a lot. Which I do understand. The stereotype of my generation is we are self absorbed, lazy, and we don’t know anything. I will admit there are a lot of lazy teenagers out there, and a lot of self absorbed ones too. I’d say there are parts of my generation that meet the stereotype. A lot of teenagers forget there’s more to life than high school which I understand, but we need to learn who we are and what we want to do. We are kids but that’s not an excuse to slack off, be mean, or even do something illegal. We are the future, so let’s start acting like it.

It frustrates me when people look down on me just because I’m a teenager, but not everyone is like that. I’ll have moments of where I’ll be talking to any adult and they’ll think I’m older than I am, as soon as they learn I’m younger they immediately treat me differently. They expect less out of me and can be rude. That’s actually the reason why I got a job so early and work so hard, I was sick and tired of people looking down on me and treating me badly because of my age.

In our society we always tell kids “treat your elders with respect” but I think we should change that. Not just your parents, grandparents or teachers. We should start saying “treat your elders, peers, and those younger than you with respect. Treat everyone with respect.” Let’s break this down. Those older than you have been here longer, while not all of them are full of wisdom and kindness we still must show them respect. Showing our peers respect is so important. Teenagers are very disrespectful to each other and need to learn to be nicer. When you look up to an adult and they treat you disrespectfully it hurts. While someone is younger than you, you don’t know what wisdom of knowledge they could know. You need to treat everyone with respect.

I had been wanting to write about this for a while. My biggest insecurity is my age because I’ve had a lot of people look at my differently when they learn my age. A lot of people have asked me where I go to college, or they automatically assume I’m 18 or older. But recently I had an event that triggered me to post this.

I wanted to post a picture (I’ll show below) that shows that age does not determine your maturity or intelligence. There are many people that say we are the future. Even the bible says “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example.” But still people look down on my generation and push us aside. If they could open up their minds we would prove most of us don’t break the law or “waste our lives away.”


I had a family member (not that close, haven’t seen them since I was very little) post a very rude comment. They commented about how my generation is very stupid and worthless. Apparently we know nothing and are a waste of space. They proceeded to say that my generation knows absolutely nothing about respect, and we need to learn.

Kind of ironic right? Obviously this person was the real person who doesn’t know what respect is. If they even thought to comment that they are the one who needs to learn what respect is. This person is probably 40 years old and still didn’t know what respect was. You show respect to EVERYBODY. I simply deleted their comment because I don’t like negativity on social media. Now that was the mature thing to do.

This comment is a brief little look into the hate my generation gets. As I mentioned earlier my age is my biggest insecurity. Even when I was 15, I would never say my age unless asked and I would say almost 16. I always let people assume my age. This insecurity has affected my life majorly. I’m graduating early, I’m doing two semesters in the time of one. I work multiple jobs, many that could be seen as difficult, challenging, or different than your normal everyday jobs.

Why do I do this? Because I feel the need to break this stereotype against my generation. Sure there are teenagers out there that I know that look at their phones all day, or just party. But there are also teenagers out there like me who know what they want to do with their lives. They know their dreams, and they won’t let anything stop them.

I always get honored when someone thinks I’m 18, they ask me what college I go to, or they even offer me a drink. (I have never accepted a drink, or had a drink period. I do NOT condone the behavior of underage drinking.) I don’t try to act older, it’s just I’m more mature than people think someone my age would be. I’m not being a rebel, well I am being a rebel against the foolish stereotypes that have been put on my generation.

Long story short, do not believe stereotypes. Teenagers, show respect to your peers and everyone else. Adults, get to know a teenager before you judge them based on their age. We live in a very judgmental world that is filled with stereotypes. I live and work hard to stop the judging, to break the stereotype set on my generation, and to prove I’m more than what people think I am.

My Favorite T.V. Show Reviews

I really like GIF’s and I love using them, but I try to not use them a lot. Today is not one of those days. I want to share my favorite T.V. shows with you all, and then I want to hear about yours!

1. Legends of Tomorrow

Image result for legends of tomorrow gifLegends of Tomorrow on the CW is a great show. I would give it a 9/10. It’s so interesting because it has the characters from The Flash and Arrow come together. The first season was a little slow, but the second and third seasons are great. If you love superheroes I would definitely recommend this show.

2. Arrow

Image result for arrow tv show gifArrow is perhaps one of my favorite shows of all time, I’d give it a 10/10. It never has slow moments and the plot twists are incredible and never expected. It starts off with billionaire Oliver Queen being shipwrecked on an island. He has to survive the island and get home. Once he gets home he becomes a vigilante that stops the bad guys in his city. Again if you love superheroes I would definitely recommend this.

3. The Flash

Image result for the flash gifBarry Allen has a secret power, he can run very very fast. He uses his super speed to also help save his city. I would give this show a 8/10. It can be slow and very repetitive at times. In my personal opinion it has got less interesting as the seasons go on, but I still watch it.

4. Parks and Recreation

Image result for parks and rec gifThis show is absolutely hilarious. It’s modeled off of the Office but it’s better in my opinion. The characters have very distinct personalities and you’re never confused on what’s going on. I’d give this a 9/10. With all the super hero shows, it’s nice to have a little bit more of a realistic show to watch.

5. Once Upon a Time

Image result for once upon a time gifIf you love Disney, you’ll love this show. It gives a twist to all the Disney characters. This show can be somewhat slow at times. I actually watched it once before but I got bored and skipped a couple seasons. I went back and watched it all. I’d give this a 7/10.

6. The Office

Image result for the office gifFor me the Office was hard to start. It had some dull moments also. It’s a great show but it had too many awkward moments. I would have to skip scenes I thought that I thought were too bad to watch. It was funny I will admit. I also think some of the characters should have been given more personality. Dwight and Michael had huge personalities but some of the other characters seemed normal or boring. I’d give this a 5/10.

7. Glee

Image result for glee gifThis show definitely depicts how a lot of high schoolers feel. It also does get boring at times and you want to scream at the characters for being so stupid. I did love the music, and the performances in it. A lot of the characters had strong personalities and storylines. I’d give it a 6.5/10.

8. Supernatural

Image result for supernatural gifWhile it’s a dark show that talks about hunting ghosts and demons, it can also be quite funny. They have episodes of where they’re put in an alternate dimension where the characters Sam and Dean are in the real world and on the set of some show called Supernatural. They also had an episode of where they were stuck in a tv show. This show has been going on for a very long time, and I don’t think it’s going to be ending any time soon. The characters have great development but this show is a real tear jerker also. I’d give it a 8/10.

9.  Bones

Image result for bones gifI take it back, this one is my favorite show. This is a crime show of where remains of a murder victim are brought in and the team finds out who the victim is, how they died, and who killed them. You have love Bones and everyone on the cast. The main character is such a genius and an amazing role model. I love mystery and crime and I would give this an 11/10 if I could.

10. Death In Paradise

This show is about a British detective that is transferred to an island in the Carribbean, he helps solve mysteries there. Again if you love crime shows or mystery this BBC show is great. I’d give it a 9/10.

My Week in Parks and Rec GIF’s

Happy Monday everyone!! I know starting the week can be very slow and hard, so I’m changing up from my usual posts this week. Each day of the week gives us very different emotions, and I want you all to start you week out with some laughter! So here is my week in Parks and Rec GIFS, I hope you can find this very relatable!


Image result for parks and rec gif






Image result for parks and rec  gif








I also made and posted this on Buzzfeed, I’ll leave the link here, in case you want to check it out!



Have a great week! 🙂


A Blast From the Past, What Fashion Decade Do You Belong In?

Fashion, it’s a definition of who we are, and our personalities, plus it plays a huge role into today’s society.  A lot of people say fashion is boring in this decade, because everyone wears the same things. Maybe we should try wearing something from another decade! Fashion has defiantly changed in the last 100 years but how much has it changed? Let’s take a look into women’s fashion and how it has changed!

The 1800’s

Image result for 1800 fashionThe 1900’s

Image result for 1900's clothingThe 1920’s

Image result for 1920's women clothingThe 1930’s

Image result for 1930's women clothingThe 1940’s

Image result for 1940's women clothingThe 1950’s

Image result for 1950's women clothingThe 1960’s

Image result for 1960's women clothingThe 1970’s

Image result for 1970's women clothingThe 1980’s

Image result for 1980's women clothingThe 1990’s

Image result for 1990's women clothingThe 2000’s

Image result for 2000's women clothingNow (2018)

Image result for teen girl outfitFashion has defiantly changed. We went from huge ball gowns in the 1800’s, to dresses with cute designs on them in the 50’s, to pants eventually in the 80’s, to what we wear now. I would say a majority of outfits that women wear today are all very similar. Some can add some sparkle or interesting sunglasses, but it’s still not as interesting as it used to be.

I was thinking about what fashion decade I would live in. If I could wear clothing from any decade or era what would it be? My first thought was current fashion, but I realized that’s just because what I feel comfortable in. But I every day get bored of my outfits and I just can’t make them better. I always thought I would wear the dresses in the 1800’s but after wearing one I immediately changed my mind. I went to a store called Subculture, (they have clothing ranging from steampunk and goth to the 40’s 50’s and 60’s. Just in case you’re interested I’ll leave the website here https://subculturecorsets.com/ ) And I tried on some dresses from the 50’s and I immediately felt way happier and more confident. It’s so interesting how an outfit can really affect how you feel.

I learned that I feel more myself and I have confidence I didn’t know I had. The 50’s is defiantly my fashion decade. I may change up my style a little bit in the future and try to add some 50’s vibes to more of my outfits! If you could pick any fashion choice from any era or decade what would you pick? Let me know down below!

Facing my Fear (My Ear Piercing Experience)

What is fear? The dictionary definition of it is “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.” Everybody has a fear for example like spiders or the dark. But sometimes an experience can trigger us to fear something. I had an awful experience a couple years ago, of where I decided to pierce my ears and it went wrong.

I went to Claire’s. (Dear Claire’s if you’re reading this I’m not coming after your company I am just stating my personal experience. Thanks!) A lot of you are probably thinking you went to Claire’s? Of course you had an issue. Well younger naïve me did not know anything about getting my ears pierced, and for all I thought Claire’s was the only place I could get my ears pierced.

At Claire’s they use a gun, and a lot of the employees aren’t professionally trained to do this. Plus there are better ways than a gun, with a gun you’re just shoving the earring really fast into your ear so it makes a hole. A lot of people say that Claire’s is also not sterilized. A lot of people have had issues and many infections after getting their ears done at Claire’s.

When I got my ears pierced I left the earrings in for the time I was supposed to, which I think was six weeks or so. When I took them out and cleaned them that was when my issues began. I was able to put one earring back in successfully, but the other side didn’t have as much luck. The hole wasn’t straight, it was sideways, which made me not be able to put the earring back in and it caused me excruciating pain. So I had to take my earrings out and let the holes close up.

Image result for gun v needleI was really scared after that of getting my ears pierced. I looked it up and found I could get my ears pierced in other ways, like at a tattoo and piercing parlor. They had professionals and needles instead of guns. I wasn’t afraid of the needle but having an issue again after I got them pierced. I also learned that when you use a needle your ear heals quicker and better than with a gun. The gun can damage your ear and causes way more inflammation.

After talking to some friends and some online research I found a place called Carribbean Connection. So I decided to go there a couple weeks ago, and get it done with. People always associate tattoo and piercings parlors to be tiny and dark, but this place was very open and bright, which got rid of a lot of my fear. Also everyone there was very professional. Everybody even the cashier knew what they were talking about. Seeing how professional they were made me way more confident. Defiantly go to a place that’s professional.

Image result for carribbean connection jacksonville beach flNow let’s get into me actually getting my ears pierced. (If you’re squeamish you should skip this paragraph.) I sat in a room that had one of those bed like tables that you have at the hospital for check ups. I sat on there and the piercer brought out a medical tray, that was just sterilized. He cleaned my earlobes with iodine. Then he put a tiny dot on each ear and made sure like twenty times that they were even. Then he used an instrument, I’m not sure the name of it. It was like those metal tongs that were tiny, and went right on my ear lobe. Then he used the needle and aligned it with the dot. He told me to take a big breath in then out, when I breathed out is when he put the needle in. All it felt like was a light pinch, it hurt way less than the gun. I couldn’t feel when he put the earrings in at all.

My experience here was very different than with a gun. The gun hurt way more, and bothered me after. With the needle it was a light pinch and I had no throbbing, stinging, or any sort of pain after.  The earring they used was also different, it had a flat back and the gem screwed on in the front, it helps the piercing heal better. If you want to get your ears pierced I highly recommend with a professional with a needle, not some mall employee with a gun. But still make sure to do your research about wherever you go I had a great experience and I am defiantly going back in the future.

Sometimes we fear what we don’t know, or what we had a bad experience with before. I got over my fear and then I realized I was being scared of nothing. Sometimes we need to go out of our comfort zones. It’s well worth it, I promise!

Popular Blog Post Ideas

As I mentioned in my previous blog, How to Gain Blog Followers (you can find that on my blog) I mentioned using popular blog ideas/topics for your blog. I love to blog about what I want to blog about (and I’m going to keep doing that) but sometimes you need to talk about what your readers want also. Every reader wants something different, it just depends on the person. I’m going to show a list below, for other bloggers to get ideas. But I’m also going to share it for my followers, if you see something you want me to write about on this list, or there’s something else you want me to write about let me know! I’m asking for your feedback! I want to hear what my readers want! Now is the time for feedback so I can improve my blog even more, you can let me know in the comments down below, shoot me an email (you can find it under the contact menu) or if you know me in real life let’s have a chat! Anyways, let’s get into the list.

  1. Reviews – You can review books, movies, and products. It can give others your personal opinion, and give real value.
  2. Lists – A list is one just like this. I can be about tips, your favorite things, or not so favorite things. You can give others a glimpse into what you like and who you are through a list.
  3. Interviews – You can interview someone about their personal experiences to share someone else’s story.
  4. Personal story – When you talk about something you personally went through, whether its funny or sad. You can sometimes share what you got out of it.
  5. Motivation – This one is similar to a personal story. You can talk about motivation to motivate others (and yourself sometimes!)
  6. Travel – Travel blogs are really popular, you can talk about places you’ve visited, or cool places you want to visit.
  7. Conspiracy theory – Conspiracy theories are very popular. This one is more of on here for other bloggers, I have my other blog already of where I talk about unsolved mysteries. (I’ll link that down below!)
  8. DIY’s – DIY’s are very popular and a lot of fun. If you’re arty or creative this one is great for you.
  9. Sharing other bloggers – sometimes readers like to hear about what blogs you read. You can share blogs you’re into so your readers can read them too.
  10. Q&A – Readers often have questions and want to know more. In a Q&A they can ask questions about you and have them answered.
  11. Career – If you are specialized in a certain career, then you can post about that career or talent so others can learn more also.
  12. News – The news is very popular and people often like others opinions or hearing their voices in what happened.
  13. Charity – If you have a charity that you support you can tell your readers about it and ask them to support it.
  14. Advice – This is when people ask you for advice or help on certain things, and you give your input to the best you can.
  15. History – There are a lot of history buff’s out there (me included)  because people like to learn so much. You can write about one of your favorite historical events


I know everybody has favorite blog post themes out there! To my other bloggers what are some of your favorite topics for your posts? And to my readers, what would you like me to write about! Let me know in the comments down below!

Here is my conspiracy theory/supernatural/unsolved cases blog: https://thesleuthscorner.wordpress.com/


How To Get More Blog Followers

Almost every blogger out there wants more followers. Once we gain more traffic and audience our name and blog gets more well known. Having a popular blog, is every bloggers dream. Of course we all also blog because it’s our passion, not just for the followers. I’m going to share a list and my personal thoughts and tips on how to gain more blog followers.

1. Set up your blog

This one is probably a no-brainer but it’s true. Figure out what you want your blog to be about, whether it’s fashion, food or something else. Set up your blog and pick a theme so it looks appealing to your readers. Nobody wants to read a blog that’s messy and has zero organization.

2. Have a posting schedule

Pick out how often, and when you’re going to post. You need to be consistent in order for people to want to read your blog. (again organization is key!!) If you’re just beginning I would say post once a week. It can get stressful, or too quick if you’re posting a lot when you begin. I post once a week on Mondays at 10 am. Scheduling your posts on WordPress can really help. It automatically posts your chosen blog post for you, for if you’re too busy or not at the computer for your designated posting time.

3. Make social media accounts

Social media is almost vital in this day and age. I had a private Instagram and Facebook, but i wanted to use separate more public ones to share my blog. So I made a business Instagram and a Facebook page for me. I also made a Twitter and YouTube. If you want others to hear about your blog you need to get on all social media platforms to be able to spread the word.

4. Annoy your friends and family

I know I annoyed all my friends and family a lot too follow my blog. I reached out to all my Instagram and Facebook followers and messaged them individually asking them to follow my blog. (And I texted all of my phone contacts.) Your close friends and family will follow your blog but I don’t want to promise a huge amount from there. I messaged 500-600 people but only about 30 actually went out and followed my blog. That’s okay, people who have to enter their email are sometimes confused, and don’t realize they need to confirm their email after they enter it. But you also need to accept not everyone is going to support your blog. Reading is dying out and it’s not as popular as it once was, plus some people are too busy.

5. Other blogs/bloggers

I instantly gained a bunch of followers from going to other peoples blogs. I have a nice trick that I like to use. For example if I just posted my Learning to Love Yourself blog post, I would immediately  go to other blog posts with the same subject. I would look for the same subject, similar titles, and the same hashtags. If someone posted about the same subject you did, and their followers enjoyed it, maybe some will go check out your blog. I would go and read their post, then give my input like “I defiantly agree learning to love yourself is hard, but it’s so worth it. This is such a great post. I actually just wrote about learning to love yourself and how I was able to love myself.” Of course I would use a different comment on each post because each post and blogger is different. (Hi by the way, if you found my blog from me commenting on yours!!) Getting in the community, looking at posts similar to yours, and getting to know other bloggers is defiantly worth it. Getting in the community helped me so much and I’m able to read blog posts similar (and different) than mine and get to know other bloggers.

6. It takes time

It took me a year to get to 100 followers, so don’t stress out if you don’t immediately start gaining a bunch of followers. It takes a while to get used to blogging and to get into the flow of it all. With time our pages progress and so do our posts. You have to be patient!!


Blogging can be a very difficult journey, but it’s a fun one. I hope this post helped you learn a little more on how to gain more followers. But remember it’s not just about the followers it’s about what blogging does for you and the experience! If you don’t have a blog, it’s so much fun and you won’t regret it! I would like to hear from other bloggers about some of their tips and tricks for gaining followers!


My Blog Goals for the Next Year

As my readers know, I just had my one year blog anniversary happen and I’m so thankful for everyone’s support. But I got a little discouraged, when I thought gaining 100 followers in a year was good, I found other blogs who gained 500-2,000 in their first year. I also noticed I was getting less likes, and comments on my posts. I decided it was time for a change and to set some goals.

1. Gain at least 600 followers

I really want to gain 1,000 followers, but I need to be realistic. In the last two weeks I’ve gained about 20 followers, so if I keep gaining that same amount I will have over 600 in one year. 1,000 is my secret and true goal, but 600 is my realistic.

2. Start posting twice a week

I only post once a week on Mondays at 10 am, but now I have decided to add Thursdays also at 10. I realized a lot of people get many emails a day, and my blog could easily get lost in a sea of mail. If I post twice a week  have more of a chance of showing up in your inbox. Plus if I post twice a week, I will be pushing me more. I’ll be writing more often, and I’ll have to get more creative with what to post.

3. Post more about travel

I love to travel but I haven’t been doing too much of it lately.  (other than trips to Disney World!) I hope to start traveling more, and I want to blog about it and post pictures of where I travel.

4. Socialize more with other blogs

I want to meet other bloggers and become friends. I want to find more blogs that I can read. If you want me to check out your blog, or become blogging buddies let me know!

5.  Post more of what my readers want

I want my readers to start telling me about what you want me to post about! Personal, stories, Disney, fashion, whatever you want just let me know. I want to go out of my normal writing zone, and try something different!


I may have more goals along the way that I’ll think of. To my readers, what do you want me to post about! And also how do you think I can improve my blog. To other bloggers out there, what are some of your goals for your blog?




Wow has one year really gone by already? It has!! Let’s throw a party! Blogging is very hard but I’m so thankful for how far I’ve gotten! Going into blogging I expected to be getting lot’s of followers and likes, but I was holding way too high of expectations. For blogging you have to put a lot of time into your posts, your page, and your social media. I didn’t realize how much work a blog takes, but I love putting so much time and effort into it! With blogging I can really get to know myself more. I first started out with posts about my house being haunted and tv show theories (those are now deleted) and those blogs weren’t as personal. Now I have gotten to know myself more, and I feel more comfortable writing about my personal self more. I can share my personal experiences to hopefully give some advice to others. I just want to take a real quick second to thank everybody for following my blog. Whether you’ve been with me from the beginning or you’re brand new, thank you!

Image result for blogging gif

I also want to thank everybody who followed me! On February 11th I reached 100 followers! It’s a dream come true! Thank you so much everybody.  I can’t even begin on how thankful I am. Blogging is so hard, but I love every single word that I type. Writing has always been my true love, and I fell in love with it all over again when I started blogging. Blogging is helping me follow my dreams and I’m jumping with joy. I cannot contain how much I love my blog or how happy it makes me. Thank you everyone for following me this past year. I hope to double or even triple this number in the next year. I’m so thankful and excited and defiantly having my own little party!

Image result for party gif

I have a special announcement I would also like to make. I am going to be starting a new blog. I will stay on this one and keep posting every Monday don’t worry! This new blog is going to be very different. I am interested by a lot of cases, especially unsolved ones. (I am a super huge fan of Buzzfeed Unsolved.) I like to look into details of unsolved cases and try to solve them for myself. I decided why not make a blog about that since I’m so into it. That’s right a podcast! I will be releasing my blog posts, which will be on Fridays, aka freaky Fridays! The name of this blog is going to be called The Sleuths Corner. In this blog I will go into unsolved cases, the unexplained, and maybe even the supernatural. I expect this blog to get the attention of a very different audience, but that’s okay. If you are freaked out by cases, disgusting details, and the thought of other beings, that blog is not for you. But we still have my personal blog that you can always stay a part of. But if you are into true crime and other unexplained events, you should follow that blog and stay updated on it! I will post the link down below if you are interested. I already have one blog post up. BUT AGAIN if you are squeamish with gruesome details, and other creepy things THAT’S OKAY but this blog is probably NOT for you.


Image result for buzzfeed unsolved gif

I am so thankful really, I just want to say one last time how thankful I am. It’s been a year and I have had so much support. I don’t use Gif’s a lot but I was so excited I just couldn’t help myself!

Image result for thank you gif