The Haunted Redmont and Tutwiler Hotels.

While taking a trip to Birmingham, Alabama, I decided to visit some of the haunted locations in the area. I was driven to do this because I watch the YouTube series, Buzzfeed Unsolved, where they talk about the paranormal and unsolved cases. I found it intriguing so I decided to go out and try it for myself.  This is my own version of that series where I am simply going out to see if there is any proof that ghosts are real. My first stop was the Redmont hotel.  The Redmont was Birmingham’s most modern hotel, and it is the oldest. The hotel is said to be haunted by the famous American singer-songwriter Hank Williams, it is said to be the last place he was at before dying. The hotel has had shootouts, and fires, so it had defiantly seen it’s share. The penthouse of Clifford Stiles, is said to be haunted by his ghost. The penthouse is now the rooftop bar for the hotel. The ninth floor is also said to be haunted by a woman in white. The lobby and the marble in it, did make the hotel feel very old and haunted. I went up to the ninth floor to see if I could see the woman in white. The hallway did have some turns, and it was somewhat dim, which added to the mystery. I felt a huge pressure on my chest and I was almost afraid to breath. That is a general feeling that people feel when they believe something is haunted, maybe it’s just them, or maybe there is something actually going on there. I did not see any ghosts in the ninth floor, but I did hurry out of there, not too eager to meet one either. The building defiantly did seem old and off. I asked some of the employees there and they said they also saw ghosts and they believed it was haunted too. I walked a couple blocks more, to where I got to the Tutwiler hotel. The Tutwiler had a very different darker vibe to it, maybe it was because of the dark outside with stairs. The hotel is said to be haunted by a ghost in the bar who would turn lights off and on.  There are occurrences of that over the hotel but most are reported from the bar area. There are also doors that are closed and opened. Mr. Tutwiler himself is said to haunt the hotel. The hotel seemed very old, and worn. The lobby was small and seemed semi barren which added to the ghost hunting mood. There were two separate rooms on the sides of the lobby and these felt like you stepped back in time. These rooms felt straight out of history and I was too jumpy to go in them. The walls, furniture, and fireplaces felt cursed to me. It felt like a not so friendly Casper the ghost was going to jump out at me at any moment. I went along some hallways that had historical pictures to them that showed the importance of Birmingham. The hallways had many rooms with closed doors, and I was not brave enough to go in them. By that point it was very late in the night and I was ready to get out of there. While I did hear thumps and bumps, I needed to remember that I was in two hotels full of people who probably caused those sounds. Those sounds are not proof that a ghost or spirit exists, therefore I am still continuing on the hunt to find out are ghosts real.



“The most fantastic, magical things can happen and it all starts with a wish!” I first saw the iconic Wishes firework show one month after it came out in 2003. If you have not been to Disney, or you do not know what it was. Wishes was a 15 minute firework show that went along with music and a track of characters from Jiminy Cricket, Cinderella, and even Peter pan, who all talk about their wishes. Whenever I listen to the audio track, or I watch the show, whether on YouTube or at Magic Kingdom, I am always brought to tears. Last night (May 11th 2017) Wishes ended after being around for 14 years, and multiple people were watching the last show ever, at the parks, or on livestream. I have been seeing this show every year since 2003, and it breaks my heart to see it go. If you have no seen wishes I recommend going to YouTube and watching the show or listening to the audio track, it’s a life changer. (I will leave some links down below for those of you who want to see it.) This show also breaks out my true inner Disney kid, and it always brings back all the memories of watching the show. Thank you Disney, for Wishes. Rest in peace to one of the greatest firework shows Disney has ever seen, Wishes will always live on in our hearts. Remember “Do as dreamers do..”



Audio track:





The Heart of a Princess

We all know the Disney Princess’ from Snow White, to Cinderella, to Aurora. They are the beautiful princess’ who every girl dreams to be, but here’s a secret you don’t have to marry a prince to be a princess! A princess is beautiful, but not because of her looks or her dress, it is because of her heart. In Disney a princess is never depicted as rude or mean, you never see them yelling at someone, or being selfish. They are graceful, kind, and elegant, whether they are cleaning the floors or trying to save the world. Snow White, the first Disney princess, had a heart for animals, and she helped all of the seven dwarves clean. And Moana, the most recent Disney princess, wanted to save her island and rule it, even though the water kept calling her. The key to being a princess is putting others before yourself, and being kind to anyone and everyone you meet, and the smile, you can’t forget the big beautiful smiles that all princess’ have. So are you ready girls? Put on your favorite dress, and spin around! Show us your princess twirl!

The Surprise at the Movie Theatre

On Saturday my dad and I decided to go see The Zookeepers Wife. The day before, we were watching The Great Escape (1963), one of my most favorite movies of all time, and I asked him if we could see another WWII movie. My dad (who lived in Germany for four years in the military and knows German) and I love WWI and especially WWII, so we were really excited to see The Zookeepers Wife. We went to our go to movie theatre, and while my dad waited in line to buy the too expensive popcorn and drinks, I got to chat with one of my favorite workers there. Finally my dad came over and we walked into our movie theatre, I was looking at a group chat on my phone (like seriously if you are in a group chat then you understand, your phone never stops going off) and I almost walked into the wall. We sat down a couple rows from the top, and I was surprised that there was only five other people in the theatre. There were two parents above us, and then in one of the very bottom rows, I’m guessing it was their middle school son, and two of his buddies. While watching the trailers, I nearly left a bruise on my dad’s arm from elbowing him to get his attention. Well of course I freaked out, I saw the trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, I absolutely love Marvel and Johnny Depp. Finally I was about ready to go down to those younger kids and tell them to stop yelling, until I realized one of them sounded exactly like Gaten Matarazzo, the kid who plays Dustin on Stranger Things. I was tempted to see what the kid actually looked like, I knew it couldn’t be the celebrity but I was still curious. But! That was not the surprise at the movie, it was just a side-tracking thought that my blonde head had. Just then the movie started, so everyone got quiet. It started with the words on the screen, South Pacific 1944. I was slightly confused on how they would bring the South Pacific back to Poland, where the movie was based, but I didn’t care enough to really question it. It showed two men, obviously soldiers, in the war, and they were both shooting at each other. Finally they got to a cliff, and one of the men was about to kill the other. Then a large black hand grabbed the mountain, and I felt my heart sink in my chest then a huge face of a giant gorilla appeared. I looked over to my dad, who looked visibly annoyed, and I jokingly said “That’s some animal they have in that zoo!” That was when we realized we had accidentally walked into the movie theatre of Kong Skull Island. We then hurriedly got up and went to the room next door, where The Zookeeper’s Wife was. We got to see our movie, and although we  were angry at the time, we couldn’t stop laughing about it after.

In Loving Memory of Raiden Kelly

(I had wished to write about this sooner, but I needed to take time and thought, because I knew this post has to be important.)

On April 7th of 2016, a great friend of mine, Raiden Kelly, was lost to the world. While walking to his bus stop, early one morning he was hit by a car and passed away. Raiden was barely 15, he had turned 15 the day before, on April 6th. A year later we still mourn his passing.

I was so lucky to get to know Raiden, and share multiple memories with him. I’ll never forget when he tried to chew 18 pieces of gum at the same time, or when his baby sister was born, and he was upset that he missed my birthday, since she was born the day before mine. I still keep the birthday card that he made me, I keep it next to my bed. One time he tried to show me the movie Spanglish, but I was too interested in his two adorable dogs, to watch the actual movie. I even had my first veggie burger at his house, which I was hesitant to try but I actually liked it. I even remember going to see the Grinch Stole Christmas performance with him, and his family. One time he and his cousins and I went to adventure landing, and he kept playing the monopoly game, convinced he would win it. He used to take his friends phones, when he didn’t have his, just so he could call me up and see how I was doing. Even though Raiden was somewhat shy, at my Christmas party, he actually stood up and tried out some Just Dance 4, with some of my other friends. I remember one time helping him out on a Sunday morning in the little kids church service, and he said he would buy me a car, I laughed at him telling him he couldn’t even afford to buy himself a car. I still keep the necklace and the ring he gave me for Christmas, which were way too special for me, along with his jacket that I “borrowed” one night because I was cold.

Raiden was a shining light, he always managed to make me smile no matter how upset I was. In fact the first time I met him, he was making a joke. He lived with his parents, and his baby sister Savannah, who is probably the cutest baby I have ever seen. He also was part of a group called Youth Quake Live, there he took part in skits and dressed up in weird costumes to try and spread the gospel. (I think my most favorite line of his in a Youth Quake show is “sure thing chick-a-wang.”) He also helped out at his church, Redeemer, he would do the tech for the little kid’s Sunday school. Raiden had a huge heart, and always had to help people, whether it was by just a smile, or devoting his time to something important.

After I found out that Raiden passed away, I was absolutely devastated, and I still am to this day. To loose a close friend of yours, somebody your age, only 15, is a heart-wrenching feeling. My heart, and multiple other peoples hearts were torn apart when Raiden left to join the Lord. Yes we are happy for him, but we are sad for us, because we no longer get to see him.

Although Raiden may be gone, his heart and his memories stay with us. Everything happens for a reason, and although what happened is terrible, it is part of a much larger plan that none of us can see just yet. Raiden’s passing away, encouraged me to take over his volunteer job at Redeemer, so now I run the tech booth (which now has a picture of him taped onto one of the sides of it) and I get to hang out with all of the kids and talk with them. I also now whenever I see someone upset I think, what would Raiden do? He would most defiantly go over there and not leave them alone until they were crying tears of laughter, not sadness.

My heart goes out to Raiden’s family, and all of his friends. Life is so unexpected and we will never known what will be thrown at us. Raiden will never truly be gone, as long as we keep him in our hearts, and we will live on each day in his memory.

The Titanic Never Really Sank – Conspiracy Theory!

This theory stats that the Titanic and it’s sister ship, the Olympic were switched just days before the infamous voyage.  The Titanic and Olympic were almost exactly alike, except for a couple differences. The Olympic had 16 bow portholes, while the Titanic only had 12. And both ships had slightly different spacing between the windows. Image result for titanic portholesAnd in this very picture you can see the “Titanic” leaving for it’s voyage with 16 bow portholes, not 12. It would have not been hard at all for people to switch the two ships. All they would have to do would be change the names on the ships. On the “Titanic” that set sail, the T was underneath the 3rd porthole, while on the real Titanic the T was halfway between the 3rd and 4th portholes. These were not the only physical parts that have made people think that the Titanic never actually set sail. While a diver was exploring the wreck he noticed some

strange markings on the side of the boat, where the name should have been. He noticed the letters MP, and those two letters most defiantly do not belong in the word Titanic. That’s still cappture.PNGnot the only proof. One of the workers, James Fenton, who was on the Titanic, on his death bed said that the “Titanic” was really the Olympic. He said that after he and some crew members got on land, some men from the government were waiting for them. The men said that if they ever said the ship was really the Olympic, they would throw them in jail.

But why would anybody want to sink the Titanic? For money. The Olympic was a ship that was not as good as it once was, after crashes and collisions, they knew it wouldn’t last much longer. The people who owned the ship realized that if they made the ships change places and the Olympic sank, they would get tons of insurance money for it. Also a couple days before the voyage, they raised the insurance, so they got even more money than they would have. And what else happened a couple days before the voyage? The ships switched places. Maybe both events even happened on the same day. It sounds very sick and cruel, but it doesn’t surprise me, there’s a lot of people out there who would do anything for money.

So what do you think? Did the Titanic actually sink like history says it did? Or did it’s sister ship the Olympic, sink? Maybe it really was the Titanic, maybe it was the Olympic, or maybe we will just never know.

My House is Haunted?!?!

I sat there, happily taking a bite out of a sandwich, when all of a sudden I heard a door open and then loudly close. Nobody other than me was home so I called out “hello?” but nobody responded. I tried to push the thought out of my head, as I walked into my bathroom, ready to take a shower. I stopped with a halt, realizing my window was open. Odd, I thought. I tried to close the window, but it seemed like it had been glued open. I tried to avoid my bathroom as much as possible, but that was hard. Finally I had to go in there to take a shower, and get ready. While I was in there, I heard footsteps out side the room. I also heard crashes in the guest bedroom, and in my bedroom. I hurriedly threw some clothes on, and I ran throughout the house, trying to find out what was causing the noise, but I found nothing.

supernatural fig 4.gif

This was not the first, or the last time I have experienced these scary situations in my house. For the last couple of weeks I have heard, doors open and close, footsteps, thumps, crashes and more. But none of those sounds were ever caused by me or any one else in the house.

Now I am a person who gets scared very easily. Lately I have been locking myself inside of rooms, and refusing to go upstairs. Also I’ve been very jumpy and scared out of my mind. I literally turn every corner, thinking that the Grim Reaper is here to collect my soul. I’m legit scared. Hey, don’t judge, you would be terrified too if you thought you would wake up and see Annabelle standing next to your bed.

supernatural gif 2.gif


I had four theories of what was going on.

  1. The house is just settling… In some really weird ways.

supernatural gif 6.gif

2. There are very… very large rats, like the size of German Shepherds in my attic.

supernatural gif 7.gif

3. There’s another person living in my attic/house.

supernatural gif 9.gif

4. And lastly because of my extreme imagination… There is a ghost in my house. Aka my house is haunted.



That is the only real thing I think that could be happening. Like yes ghosts are a myth, but a lot of people claim that they are real. So who knows? Maybe my house is really haunted by a ghost… Which is terrifying to think of.

supernatural gif3.gif

I have no clue what is going on…. but I think I know who I need to call.

supernatural gif 5.gif

Time to grab all the flannels, and pie that I can find so I can summon a Winchester… Haha wish me luck. If you have any haunted house or ghost stories, feel free to share them in the comments. But don’t be surprised if I don’t read them, I’m still trying to recover from the ghost stories I heard in 1st grade.


PS. I do not apologize for the overuse of Supernatural gifs at all. I feel like they accurately explain my situation. And why not because…

supernatural gif 10.gif